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2018 [NAME] will be exhibiting at A.P.T. Gallery, London. The show 'Within and Amongst' will examine the nature of Collaboration as an art form, considering what it means to collaborate, the space/ difference between working individually and working collaboratively and how this relates to broader contexts within society.


[NAME] is a collaboration of four female artists using notions of instruction, performance and improvisation to produce multi-media installations. [NAME] has had residencies at Goldsmiths Women's Art Library and Platform One Gallery and has exhibited and performed widely recently showing at Harts Lane and Goldsmiths.  

Referencing Deleuze and Guatarri's Of The Refrain, Jorge Luis Borges Labyrinths, and artists such as Joan Jonas and Anne Krinsky, [NAME] layers moments of shared performative experience and response. An interest in the slippage of time and the translation of moments, leads the group to use a range of media and technology, including social media to connect spaces and further obscure the boundaries of time, the virtual, presence and absence.

As a group of four female artists, an implicit female sensibility infuses the work. Fragments of movement, gesture and dialogue are recorded from the group’s interactions and these present performative traces through films, images and drawings. The frequent use of mirroring, reflecting and an almost ritualistic repetition, disrupts the plane or surface of the images and videos, producing a multi-dimensional perspective. The motifs of mirrors and lenses are recurrent and reference the autopoietic nature of [NAME]’s work.

[ Charlie Betts, Sue Glasgow, Lucy Lauener, Erika Winstone ]