PAinting as ruin

Charlie Betts and Anna Garrett

2017 - 2018 Charlie & Anna are currently working together on a collaborative residency at The Watts Gallery, Surrey.

The residency and resulting show in Spring 2018 will explore the Limnerslease woodland and the work of Mary Watts, Helen Allingham and Gertrude Jekyll.


‘Assemblage is metaphysical as well as physical and realistic. The fabric of meaning woven by materials can cover the distant in time and space, awakening a romantic response to ruins, architectural and sculptural fragments and the evocative richness of old walls or ritual vessels. As element is set beside element, the many qualities and auras of isolated fragments are compounded, fused, contradicted so that physical matter becomes poetry.

William Seitz, The Art of Assemblage, 1961



Painting as Ruin explores ideas of the deconstructed painting, the materiality and physicality of the painting object: merging the practices of Charlie Betts and Anna Garrett, to celebrate accidental monuments in the ephemeral potential of the combined work.

The collaborative works teeter on the edge of collapse, with a sculptural quality that creates a fresh response to the idea of painting. Painting as Ruin poses the question of the tension between structure and surface. Changing the structural reality of the work, the artists expose the rawness of the canvas and frame – revealing an honest, sensual yet brutal and raw nature to the constructed painting.



I think it works because of the diagonal line that leads your eye through the centre.JPG


The pieces might nod toward the notion of a ‘romantic response’ to ruins, however the artists address a subversion, exposing truth within the painting object, a broken structure that echoes in the ruined architecture.

Painting as Ruin was shown at Harts Lane, London in 2016.